Jumbo Chocolate Macaron -- A Delicious Bargain Dessert!

The Jumbo Molten Chocolate Macaron from Trader Joe’s weighs a whopping 100 grams (3.5 oz.). It is dangerously delicious and costs only 4 bucks for two macarons. Does that sound good? I’m addicted and have been trying to hook my friends and neighbors. I am not always such a frugal person, but who can resist a bargain-priced quality product?











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Last week I served one to a chocolate-lover friend. She could not finish it, but asked if I had another one she could take home. It’s that good. Everyone loves it “quietly,” because nobody wants to share it. I like that I don’t have to “bake” it to impress friends (unless that includes warming it in the microwave until the filling starts oozing out). You can find them in the Trader Joe’s freezer along with the Molten Salted Butterscotch flavor. They are made in France. I love TJ’s!

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Macarons have a simple recipe but are a bit tricky, particularly the first couple of times. They are fun to make, because you can create so many different flavors and colors. And since you will never get bored, you will never be able to stop eating them (there is probably an evolutionary value there)! Make sure to read the recipe well before you try to modify it. Here is a recipe and tips from Cocobeat/Recipes/Macarons. I also recommend a wonderful small book called Macarons from the Macaron Café (in NYC) by Cecil Cannone. It is a must-have for macaronophiles.



Trader Joe’s also offers an assortment of 12 traditional-sized (small) macarons for $4.99. Sweet deal!

Macarons make a wonderful dessert this time of the year. They are soft but a bit chewy and dreamy, just like a spring cloud. Pair them with black coffee or tea, to tame the sugar hit.



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